The PHP SmartDB was created to aid software development. This framework provides a solution to organize and accelerate PHP data-driven application development with a database backend (i.e. MySQL).

The PHP SmartDB will let you write PHP applications that store info in a database without writing any SQL! It's all PHP- you don't have to use a separate language just to communicate with a database. The framework provides a structured foundation to keep your code organized. You'll spend less time debugging SQL errors and more time creating your software. After reading the Overview and Basics, use the Quick Start Kit to start your PHP-Database application now, using this proven foundation.

For years, businesses have relied on this data-access-layer to drive their dynamic websites. Cirkuit Networks ( has released the PHP SmartDB library to the public in hope that others will benefit from it, expand upon its feature sets, and shape it into one of the most powerful, scalable, and reliable PHP Object-Relation-Models (ORMs) available.

Getting Started

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